HD Multi Sport™ provides fun & excitement while catering to a diverse, all-ages audience. Offer friends, family & guests: golf, soccer, baseball, football, hockey, sport-shooting, dodge ball & bowling, from the comfort of your home, recreation center, clubhouse or hotel.



Maximum fun, competition and skills development can be yours to share as you finesse your skills, compete with others and try new sports. We make it easy for you to get in the game, with intuitive play, genuine sports equipment and incredible realism.
Whether you’re an elite coach working with amateur athletes or just having some fun with friends, HD Multi-Sport™ is THE destination for indoor, on-demand sports.

Industry Leading Technology

Great for both residential and commercial applications, HD Multi Sport™ is robust, easy-to-use and packed with incredibly reliable, industry leading technology. There is NO COMPARISON to the versatile, on-demand sporting fun you can offer your friends, members or guests.

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